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The Wine Rosso Conero of Marches is a wine that is produced from vineyards situated on the slopes of Monte Conero in Ancona province, near the Adriatic Sea.The Marches in the cultivation of wines has ancient traditions. The Ancona area has been affected by the Dorians and Doric civilization, since they founded the city of Ancona. And the Greek colonists 10 centuries BC left clear traces of viticulture and winemaking. The same can be said for the Etruscans to which you can assign the first technical notions of grape growing and wine processing, which became widespread in the Marche region where were installed the Piceni. Picenes knew that the grapes and the wine is demonstrated by the archaeological discovery of about 200 seeds of Vitis vinifera in a tomb in that Matelica of the seventh century. B.C. The influence of Rome allowed to Plinio to describe a hundred varieties of cultivated vines in Picena in his time and to say "on the Adriatic Sea can be cited, among others, the wine" Praetorian produced in the Ancona area" . And, again, Apicius Marcus Gavius, Roman character of culinary art, reminiscent of a wine "anconetanum", and quite full-bodied red. One of the most famous wine connoisseurs Marche was also Frederick Barbarossa. The most ancient legend tells us that Monte Conero is the last mountain emerged from the ancient Adria, a kind of Atlantis, now submerged. It is said that qualities of this wine were known since the time of Hannibal, who managed to cure some sick horses belonging to its own armed, with Rosso Conero wine. Is talk about Rosso Conero also in the time of the Benedictine monasteries: the documents found on the monks speak explicitly of healing done with the nectar extracted with the grapes grown on Monte Conero. Andrea Bacci, physician to Pope Sixtus V, in a book of 1596 is much talk of the Conero wines. We find references recent in the poems by Giacomo Leopardi, Recanati, which in some of his lesser-known writings, he speak about wine with refer to wines produced on the slopes of Monte Conero. The presence in the territory of many farms with a long wine tradition and historic homes built in the past few centuries allocating downstairs to the wine transformation have allowed the production of red wines that have faced the market with considerable success even in high level competitions. Enlightened producers and wineries, also of architectural interest, gave start to the designation of origin with the renewal and expansion of the vineyards in the 60 confirming the vine Montepulciano the ultimate expression of the link between grapes, wine and territory and enhances here its best features.

The DOC Rosso Conero Wine has been recognized by the Denomination of Origin on 21 July 1967. .

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